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We were born as a content provider with one aim: to make the daily routine of the ones who work with images, videos and audios as raw material become something simpler. We realized that nowadays, much content that becomes news, comes from anonymous citizens that are in the right place at the right moment. Or from those who are at ground level helping others. And, of course, from those who made their life, job and passion, to obtain the world’s best images possible in the various news agencies.

We are here to gather all this audiovisual content from all those sources in one place. This way, you can have full access to carry out your mission of telling the best stories. With the best visual support.

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Our Sources


The knowledge, the experience, the subject specialization… Professionals are the foundations of photojournalism and of the creation of the most shocking images, either if we speak about news or if we do about advertivising. They are the Quality and the Know How. To supply you exactly with what you were looking for.


When we talk about news, we know that they do happen without warning. Today smartphones make it possible for any citizen, if they are in the right place at the right moment, to be the privileged witness you need to tell what is happening.


Thousands of NGO volunteers that work around the world give credit to all the drama and suffering of the most underprivileged. They give voice to the ones that can’t speak for themselves. They deserve to be heard and supported.

agencia de noticias

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The Platform

We are a digital purchasing platform pointed towards the world’s news agencies and media. We get together the best audiovisual contents in the same place. Obtain, in the most efficient manner, access to videos, audios and pictures of informative interest created by professionals and ordinary people as well.

In it, you will find the best contents for your covers and headers.


Access from a single place to all our collaborators’ pictures, professionals and amateurs alike.


Visualize in a prioritised way in accordance with your main interests.


Search in a simple way.


Receive notifications about your topics of interest.

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