The end of 2018, like every year, leaves us a lot of interesting information and data. In our sector, the journalistic sector, we are facing the following publication of The International Federation of Journalists:

2018 leaves a figure of 94 journalists murdered, worsening the numbers of previous years.

Sufrimiento captado por periodistas en terrenos bélicos,

Suffering captured by journalists in war zones

This number of assassinated increases slightly to that we obtained last year, which accounted for 82 deaths. In addition, the FIP informs us that this list of deaths due to violent attacks also includes journalists; cameras, producers and technicians who were attacked while performing their professional work. Not only that, media workers as drivers, agents as well as sales assistants also lost their lives.

This list reveals the security crisis that journalism currently suffers; accentuating the death of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi on October 2 in Istanbul.

According to the data published by the FIP; armed conflicts and military extremism are the main culprits of many murders in countries such as Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen. Meanwhile, violence against journalists in Iraq has been greatly reduced after armed groups lost power in the country.

Countries with the highest number of victims

These are the countries with the highest number of murders of journalists:

  • Afghanistan with 16 victims.
  • Mexico with 11 victims.
  • Yemen with 9 victims. Syria with 8 victims.
  • India with 7 victims.
  • Pakistan, the USA and Somalia have 5 victims.
  • Philippines, Ecuador and Brazil with 3 victims.
  • Finally Colombia, Palestine and Guatemala with 2 victims.


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