As we mentioned in a previous post, on November 21, a law was passed in which political parties would be able to make use of our data. The objective was to bombard with information and propaganda based on the ideology of the citizen.

AEPD awards

What happened?

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) published a report analyzing the processing of personal data that political parties can do with the new LOPD. The statement issued by the AEPD was as follows:

“This modification was introduced during the parliamentary procedure of the LOPD and, since the draft Law submitted by the Government was not found, it was not subject to a mandatory report by the Agency”

In case of non-compliance by political parties, they could be forced to pay sanctions of up to 20 million euros. These penalties are included in the General Data Protection Regulations.

The director of the data protection authority calls for personal and material reinforcements to deal with the claims made to the agency. The evolution suffered by the LOPD incorporates new improvements that help the user to be more protected.

The AEPD imposes ten guarantees for compliance with data protection regulations to guarantee transparency:

  1. Adopt technical and organizational measures


  1. Designate a data protection delegate


  1. Process a record of data processing activities


  1. Evaluation of the impact that data protection can have


  1. Consult the AEPD before doing a treatment


  1. Adopt rigorous security measures


  1. When the data is processed by a third party, it must offer the same security guarantees that are required of political parties.


  1. They must provide citizens with the information they possess about them


  1. Check that the data were obtained lawfully


  1. Adopt appropriate measures to protect the rights, freedoms of citizens

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