04 Dec 2018

The City Council of Iga Ryū (Japan), one of the cradles of these mythical warriors, denies that there is a shortage of fighters and calls for the cessation of the global avalanche of petitions.

Ninja, mythical warrior of Japan

Ninja, mythical warrior of Japan

It does not seem like a bad offer: salary of up to 73,000 euros for interpreting a ninja in the Japanese city of Iga.The place, which disputes with other villas of the Asian country to be the cradle of these famous warriors, suffers “shortage of ninjas”. Or at least it is the news that a US radio program has broadcast; with such repercussion that has saturated the City Council of Iga with calls and messages from aspiring ninja from all over the world. Moreover, the city has already denied the information: “There is no shortage of ninjas”.

  • The confusion and beginning of these fake news:

The origin of this confusion was born in the report Shortage of ninjas in Japan. Fuerthermore, the US radio NPR broadcast it on July 16. In the audio, which lasted no more than 10 minutes, the announcers Vanek Smith and Sally Herships deal with depopulation. Its purpose was to relaunch tourism in Iga (90,000 inhabitants) based on the attraction of these charismatic warriors.

All the mess came with this definite statement cfrom Herships:

“There is a shortage of ninjas in Iga”

Adding to the confusion his partner, Vanek Smith, stated:

“Mayor Okamoto needs people who want to work in rural areas. I mean, Iga is hours from Tokyo. But this work has a lot to offer. The salary is very competitive. Today, actors posing as ninja can earn between 23,000 and 85,000 dollars “

  • Flood of requests for information from around the world as a consequence:

As a result, Iga city council sources said that since July 16, when the radio program was broadcast, they received more than 115 requests for information from 14 different countries, including Spain and the United States, according to the Kyodo news agency.
But this is a pretty funny case of “Fake News“, but it’s not always like that. In fact, this type of hoaxes are increasingly common and do not always have pleasant endings. From Gethenews  we work to make sure that all the news you read are free of false information.

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