Just a few days ago, some images ran like powder through social networks. They were about children praying in a mosque, supposedly in Valencia. This, as we know now, Fake News caused a stir.

Photo of Majid in a mosque

Where this Fake News was born

On December 7, Alfredo Perdiguero, sub-inspector of the National Police, broadcast some images of what appeared to be some religious course education that a group of children were receiving in Valencia. The tweet published was as follows:

“They remove religion classes and the Islam arrives to the schools in Valencia. Do these children’s parents allow it? ”

This tweet was accompanied by a video in which we could see some children praying in a mosque. Twitter users did not waste a single minute and began tweeting about it without first checking its accuracy. In addition, a few minutes after publishing the tweet the president of the PP of Alicante, Antoni Peral, indicated that he liked the tweet.

Despite becoming viral, the video did not show where it happened, the context was not known and it had been manipulated so that nothing was understood.


Nothing is what it seems

The web Maldito Bulo explained through Twitter the origin of the video. It is the El Mouslimiene Mosque in Antwerp, Belgium. In the picture Majid El Aissati posted on facebook you can see the same floor and other elements that appear in the video. On the website of the mosque, Majid, appears as a guide.

Enric Morera Valencian politician published this in response to Alfredo Perdiguero:

“This was already invented by Goebbels. It is Nazism pure and simple @antonioperal. It is the principle of transfusion: propaganda operates from preexisting substratum, be it a national mythology or a complex of traditional hatred and prejudice. What you like is a lie. ”

On the other hand, the subject of religion will not stop being taught. Students who wish to continue with the subject may do so, but will not compute for the average. The extent of this disinformation has caused that people believed that the video was recorded in Valencia.

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