Only a couple of weeks ago, the Chinese state news agency, Xinhua, presented the new news anchors. These informants made thanks to artificial intelligence will be able to give the news 24/7.

The future has reached the Chinese television

These virtual presenters are the result of copying the physical characteristics of two chain news hosts, Qiu Hao and Zhang Zhao. Also, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence and the analysis of more than 600 muscles, 200 bones and other aspects, allows to recreate the corporal gestures and movement. On the other hand, the presenter’s movement and voice are generated thanks to algorithms.

This development is not new, but it is the first time it is implemented. In the video we can observe and listen as the presenter speaks with a synthesized voice and makes some strange facial gestures. This is just the beginning of your learning. The peculiarity of AI is that it can learn as it is taught. That is why the agency is showing videos of presenters to improve their communication skills.

To create this character Xinhua has decided to collaborate with Sogou. The latter is dedicated to the classification of information online and represents 16.7% of the market share of mobile search in China.

The application of this new presenter opens a door to a new change in the world of communication. Can be used to read communications from web, mobile and television channels. And this is just the beginning.

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