Be it because of the fake news, be it because the political tension (brexit et al.), the average reader’s trust in the newspapers in Spain is at a low end. News generate little to no credibility.

Level of reader’s trust in the UE in 2017

nivel confianza UE noticias prensa

Of the 28 countries researched according to the statistical analyses platform The Statistics Portal, the Uk is placed in the last position in the reader’s trust percentage. With a meagre 23% of trust in the written media. As far as statistics go, this can always be interpreted, but it’s a worrying signal. The British case is so serious that even famous English comedian John Cleese of the famous Monty Python, has promised to escape from his country in front of the deterioration of the social dialogue and written press.

This report shows that among the 28 countries researched, the British press is at its lowest point. More than 28.000 people have been questioned and among other things we can see that the Uk is one of the few countries in Northern Europe with such a low percentage. The Netherlands are the most trusted with a considerable 71%. The average in Europe is at 47% way above the United Kingdom.

Levels of trust in the general media for 2018

We will have to wait for the report of the 2018 to see the evolution of the problem. Meanwhile, the European Broadcasting Union has released another report about the trust in media in general, including television, radio, written press and social media.
Based in the survey of the Eurobarometer 2018, the results show that trust is placed on radio and television the most. Even improving over 2017. Radio has the highest ratio (59%), while social networks are at the lowest. Ironicallymientras que las redes sociales son las que menos. Irónicamente, comparado con la otra estadística presentada, el porcentaje de gente que confía más en la prensa escrita (58%) es mayor que los que no (42%).  No había ocurrido así desde hace 10 años.

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