The RAE publishes its first book of styles responding to some of the most common doubts that Spanish speakers can have. This publication focuses mainly on digital writers.

cover of rae style book

 Why a style book?

The Spanish language does not stop changing over time. In this book the RAE aims to clarify some terms that have evolved over time. They focus on grammatical, spelling and lexical issues. New forms of communication have been appearing accompanied by the hand of technology and they were asking for a style orientation with the guidelines to follow at the time of writing.

The book contains six chapters that are separated into grammatical and orthographic questions, referring to non-manual writing, punctuation and elocution, writing in digital communication and how to make good use of the book and make the most of it.

Of course, this book makes a difference between academic use and colloquial use in social networks. Analyse the use of emoticons, foreign words, norms of use of the genre, diminutives…

Around 60 million inquiries are made to the RAE each month on the use of the Spanish language that has 500 million people worldwide. Being the second most studied language in the world and the third with the most users on the internet.

For this reason Francisco Javier Pérez has stressed the importance of this book of styles being according to the pan-Hispanic norm. It focuses on all nations that share Spanish and that seek to describe the uses.

The book came out last November 26 for a price of € 24.90 and can be purchased at any bookstore.

From Gethenews this will help us make better use of speaking and writing, thus covering all the language and its varieties.

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