11 Dec 2018
night city

Cities are growing more and more, it is expected that 90% of the population will end up living in them. All this growth always entails a series of problems that must be faced to satisfy a quality of life for citizens and offer a public service. Fortunately, technology accompanies us by the hand and helps […]

09 Aug 2018
How big data affects us

In Gethenews we like to look into the functioning of the  world of information in this overcomplicated digital era. And the issue of the Big Data is important enough to dedicate another article to it. With the help of some experts we have prepared a complement of the first one in which we explained concisely what it is. […]

28 Jun 2018
Brand journalism

Barriers in communication are getting less and less defined. How, then, can we notice the difference between pure information and advertising? The brand journalism concept is not new. Communication departments have existed in business since forever. But, when did businesses started generating news instead of just having a role in them? The big ones jump […]

12 Jun 2018

“Big data are a concept that refers to a data set so big that traditional software applications are not enough to handle them” This is a summary of the definition contained in the term in Wikipedia . After the scandals of Cambridge Analytica scandals and the Facebook algorithms, we’re now more familiar with the term. In particular, with the importance of all […]

22 May 2018
camera gopro hand

A dreamt product in a trip to Indonesia and Australia in 2002. Everything because he wanted to film himself surfing. Nick Woodman is going through hell. We are speaking of course about  GoPro, the comany he found along some friends he was travelling with. It turned out to be the highest selling camera ever and […]

15 May 2018

There are only 10 days left for the General Ruling of Data Protection to be applied in Spain. It will mandatory for all the companies in the country and will change the old Data Protection Act to the core. This regulation will force any business to comply in terms of compilation, use, circulation, withholding and […]