The RAE publishes its first book of styles responding to some of the most common doubts that Spanish speakers can have. This publication focuses mainly on digital writers.  Why a style book? The Spanish language does not stop changing over time. In this book the RAE aims to clarify some terms that have evolved over […]

Sufrimiento captado por periodistas en terrenos bélicos,

The end of 2018, like every year, leaves us a lot of interesting information and data. In our sector, the journalistic sector, we are facing the following publication of The International Federation of Journalists: year leaves a figure of 94 journalists murdered, worsening the numbers of previous years.

graphics of news news trust

Be it because of the fake news, be it because the political tension (brexit et al.), the average reader’s trust in the newspapers in Spain is at a low end. News generate little to no credibility. Level of reader’s trust in the UE in 2017 Of the 28 countries researched according to the statistical analyses […]

AEPD awards

As we mentioned in a previous post, on November 21, a law was passed in which political parties would be able to make use of our data. The objective was to bombard with information and propaganda based on the ideology of the citizen. What happened? The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) published a report analyzing […]

Blockchain (Cadena de bloques)

During the last years, a variety of articles and news related to ICT have emerged praising the benefits of an innovative protocol known as “blockchain”, and its promising possibilities.

night city

Cities are growing more and more, it is expected that 90% of the population will end up living in them. All this growth always entails a series of problems that must be faced to satisfy a quality of life for citizens and offer a public service. Fortunately, technology accompanies us by the hand and helps […]

Ninja, mythical warrior of Japan

The City Council of Iga Ryū (Japan), one of the cradles of these mythical warriors, denies that there is a shortage of fighters and calls for the cessation of the global avalanche of petitions.

Informational presenter made with artificial Intelligence

Only a couple of weeks ago, the Chinese state news agency, Xinhua, presented the new news anchors. These informants made thanks to artificial intelligence will be able to give the news 24/7. The future has reached the Chinese television These virtual presenters are the result of copying the physical characteristics of two chain news hosts, […]