Last minute news, the game of the century, humanitarian emergency…or simply, the image that makes your idea hit the target.

Every day a new creator begins to collaborate with us, to help you find the best and most varied collection of content that adapts to your needs.


Contenidos de actualidad

Pictures, videos and audios that illustrate news, in multiple categories. Breaking news, sports, international… The difference: our collaborators are both professionals and people who where there at the right moment.

Your work is to offer the best news. Ours, to help you illustrate them with the best content. Right after you register as a user, you get access to contents with informative interest of highly current affairs. Use the available filters to find what you need the easiest way possible.

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Stock Contents

An ever-growing image archive that will help your idea be transmitted in all its strength. Quality pictures done by professionals, amateur videos that can help you document a story, or graphic statements by NGOs.

Make your articles and stories get a bigger impact, using those images that will reinforce your message.


On-demand Content

When what you need is something very specific, the best thing is to create your own images. We can help you do it, be it an event coverage or be it any content on any format.

There are really special projects and stories. You want to tell them in an exact way, and that includes the images that are supporting them. Want to tell them in any particular form? We can help you get those images. Think how versatile it is to be supported by profesionals, but also by those people who are part of the news, just because they were there.


The best and most varied content collection



Images that make the difference. The instant captured, the strength of an idea or the emotion frozen in time. Photography keeps on being an element of communication with an enormous strength. Find images you need, either if it is a sports event, last minute news, or footage to create the visual discourse you need.


Action in movement. The main focus are news, of any kind. Main target, the opportunity. Communicate the world what is happening, from the closeness of the protagonists.


There are moments that can’t be captured in images, but in which what is important is what is heard. Conversations, a crowd shouting out a watchword… Sometimes, what matters is what is said. Words or sounds that provide evidence.

We collect and select the best images


Sorting out a picture is what helps you find what you need. Select your interests so we can show the contents prioritising those that are really made for you.


Stock pictures and videos made by professionals: experience and quality.

We look for the best professional collaborators around the world. Persons who master all techniques and have a special skill to take the best picture.


Amateur contents: the opportunity, the exact moment.

Our goal is to turn any smartphone in the world into direct witness of the news, in the same moment that it is happening. When immediacy is what matters, to tell the story at the very moment in which something is happening.


NGO contents: key witnesses.

Thousands of people work every day to improve others’ lives. Their work speaks about breaking point situations, about hope born from solidarity, and about volunteers. Indispensable stories, of importance